35 results
Large White Pique Bib
Pink Alligator Bib & Burp Set
Little Lamb Bib & Burp Set (Pink or Blue)
Bunny Bib & Burp Set (Pink or Blue)
Pink Watermelon Bib and Burp Set
Gingham Bib and Burp Set (5 Colors)
Gingham Hooded Towel/Washcloth Set (4 Colors)
Gingham Check Hooded Kid Towel (2 Colors)
Alligator Hooded Towel  (Pink or Blue)
Golf Game Hooded Towel and Washcloth
Little Lambs Hooded Towel & Washcloth (Pink or Blue)
Blue Bunny Hooded Towel
Little Lambs Boudoir Pillow (Pink or Blue)
Bunny Boudoir Pillow (Pink or Blue)
Boudoir Pillow (6 Colors)
Matelasse Baby Quilt
Ollie & Bess Alligator Blanket (2 Colors - Embroidery not Available)
Ollie & Bess Bunny Blanket (2 Colors - Embroidery Not Available)
Construction Zone Bath Towels
Children's Cover Up Robe (5 Colors)
Applique Peggy Bubble
Blue Gingham Vintage Romper
Embroidered Strawberry Scallop Bathing Suit
Gingham Trimmed Bubble
Peggy Bubble (2 Colors)
London Jammies
Ollie & Bess Alligator Onesie (Embroidery not available)
Ollie & Bess Blue Bunny Onesie (Embroidery Not Available)
All In Pouch (5 Colors)
Seersucker Snack Squares (3 Colors)
Seersucker Traveler (4 Colors)
Stacking Seersucker Set (4 Colors)
Gum Drop Seersucker Backpack (2 Colors)
Seersucker Backpack (2 Colors)
Kids Weekender Duffel (3 Colors)